images-1Keith Suchsland [#pkes] is Ministry in Motion / MetroLifeChurch’s founder and pastor.  Husband, Grandpa, Cyclist, Blogger and Aspiring Author, he grew up in northern Illinois and studied at Berean School of the Bible, Christian Life College and Northwestern Seminary. He is an unapologetic coffee snob…

He describes himself as a maker of Christ’s disciples and has a heart for the unchurched. With his dry sense of humor – he takes Jesus and His message very seriously, but not himself! He digs relational warmth.



Ministry Directors/Elders

Our Directors are a group of Elders selected to represent and manage the entire ministry. They focus on our vision and values while also ensuring we are financially responsible according to charitable laws.

 Donna Dailey / Jackie Suchsland  /  Ray Wheeler

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